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Peculiar.  I've experimented with all day long extensive to publish this Web page - a process that Typically usually takes a minute - and it refuses to publish!  Haven't had this issue right before Specifically due to the fact the remainder of the Internet site is functioning nicely.

He will repeat this Along with the Mexican Wall - with a distinct wrinkle.  The American Men and women can pay dollars for your wall. The estimates currently range between $twelve to $25 billion.  He'll then convey to us that the Charge will sooner or later be reimbursed to us by lessened costs of unlawful aliens, improved tariffs, and bringing producing back again from Mexico to The usa - insurance policies we could have had free of charge.  He never intended to ask Mexico for genuine income  - that can come from Us citizens.

  Although it is just too early to inform, you will find early experiences this early morning of some violent article-election protests.  In accordance with the British newspaper The Solar, violence erupted in several places right away in a number of U.S. cities.  See report with headline "BATTLEGROUND AMERICA: 

"After the two sections which I have by now explained, within the still left of Our Woman and a bit above, we saw an Angel using a flaming sword in his left hand; flashing, it gave out flames that looked as though they would set the entire world on fire; but they died out in contact with the splendour that Our Woman radiated in direction of him from her suitable hand: pointing to your earth with his ideal hand, the Angel cried out in the loud voice: 'Penance, Penance, Penance!'. And we noticed within an immense light-weight that may be God: 'a little something comparable to how folks surface in a mirror if they move before it' a Bishop wearing White 'we had the impression that it had been the Holy Father'. Other Bishops, Priests, Males and women Spiritual going up a steep mountain, at the best of which there was a large Cross of rough-hewn trunks as of the cork-tree While using the bark; prior to achieving there the Holy Father passed via a significant city 50 percent in ruins and fifty percent trembling with halting move, stricken with pain and sorrow, he prayed for your souls with the corpses he met on his way; acquiring attained the very best from the mountain, on his knees at the foot of the large Cross he was killed by a gaggle of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him, As well as in precisely the same way there died just one right after An additional one other Bishops, Clergymen, Adult males and women Religious, and different lay persons of various ranks and positions.

Current July ten, 2014 - As I predicted over, this 7 days Russia has decided to not militarily intervene in Ukraine's recent military campaign to consolidate and re-build Manage about its eastern metropolitan areas.  Russia appears to be depending on "comfortable electrical power" and negotiation to accomplish its targets.  As succinctly said within an short article appearing yesterday while in the Guardian, entitled "Putin's Ukraine U-flip: why it is sensible for Russia to permit Kiev victory," the writer describes the rationale at the rear of why "Russia's president has agreed to new talks aimed toward resolving the conflict in eastern Ukraine, and it has renounced the correct to use military drive while in the country."  The creator points out Russia's determination to not interfere as according to a new plan to bootstrap on Ukrainian president Poroshenko's growing level of popularity to unify his place.  By relying on Poroshenko's political legitimacy, Russia's president Putin gains a important negotiating partner in an otherwise murky political landscape.

After i awoke, I tried to establish him.  I spotted he was Jawaharlal Nehru, the very first Key Minister of India, who governed India following his mentor Mahatma Gandhi, from 1947 till his Dying in 1964.  Like a fierce nationalist, he led India to independence towards British rule. I'd hardly ever considered this person in my whole existence.  Heck, I failed to even know what he appeared like!  But my desire impression was similar to the Photograph on the left.  I had no idea what might have possessed me to dream about him.  Nor did I understand why we both "identified" each other Within this other-dimension of spacetime like two ghosts from distinctive worlds.  I did a little investigate these days and learned about his record.  I attempted to know our Weird "intersection" in my aspiration.  Intuitively, I felt his "information" needed to do Along with the disputed Indian-administered territory of Kashmir which has been, For the reason that generation of Pakistan and India in 1947, the topic in the claims of both nations.

!  Why the secrecy for the American public?  The Russian media then seemingly double-crossed Trump and leaked images of Trump Using the two Russian officers.  By stark distinction to all conferences so far with environment political leaders of our common allies, Trump seems fully peaceful, joyful, in your own home, and clearly making the most of his new (old?) buddies. I have never seen him smile so broadly and Obviously while in the 40 a long time I've watched him.  Even his handshake speaks of friendship not electricity.

Aside from, individuals have voluntarily chose to drinke urine for hundreds of years!  The traditional Romans drank urine to whiten their teeth; the ancient Hindu scriptures reported it cured cancer; the Chinese utilize it to wash babies' faces to shield their pores and skin; the French use urine to cure strep throat infections; the Mexicans use urine to deal with broken bones; pop singer Madonna reportedly urinates on her ft to treatment her athletes foot issue; and Other people use it to get rid of allergy symptoms.

November 19, 2012 - Vision:  These days I saw an Egyptian pyramid spewing from its capstone what seem like quite a few drops of blood, sweat (exasperation) or tears. From guiding the pyramid I saw a spotted horse running away inside a southerly direction.

(See NY Moments write-up).  Truly?  Did any person very seriously not recognize or understand months in the past that Trump is usually a lewd, crude, vulgar girl-objectifier without any moral values?  Why the unexpected moral outrage now?  In addition, is his sexual immaturity a greater political deterrent than Clinton's propensity to mask the reality or her failed political agendas?  It appears a knee-jerk response at this point while in the election procedure.  Persons seem to fail to remember that Trump was lifted to the top on the Republican ticket by Individuals who're to the uneasy verge of an genuine revolution With this place! 

  I am certain as at any time that Russian president Putin's system continues to be to generate strategic alliances to help him pick off his enemies, one by one, until eventually finally he activates his previous, most loyal accomplice, and destroys him.  Trump Watch out for your new BFF.

June fourteen, 2017 -  About just one yr ago (July 19, 2016) I designed a prediction with regard to the upcoming president of The us, who I thought would be Donald Trump, and mentioned that, in any event, I felt It could be crucial that you look to the character and character of the vice presidential option for the reason that I was worried which the presidency might end in possibly "assassination or perhaps a catastrophic wellness party."  Although definitely neither of both of these predictions has arrive at fruition as of this day, I locate it intriguing that these mere principles seem to have entered into our countrywide Zeitgeist.  I've normally instructed people to be cautious what you think about, because ideas are factors.  Quite simply, views are vibrational information which have a real affect on our "real" entire world.  This isn't woo-woo New Age fluff.  Read through the scientific scientific studies!  I do not like to consider matters that are not favourable or constructive in character.  So I'm a bit hesitant to bring this up, on the other hand, it tends to substantiate an undercurrent of violent views amongst our inhabitants which really should be examined.  On Might thirty, comedienne Kathy Griffin posted a photo of herself Keeping a pretend severed and bloody head of President Trump.  She apologized but was promptly fired from CNN.  (See Washington Write-up posting).  A person 7 days afterwards, the news media described that the general public Theatre in New York City was making a Model of Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" portraying the assassination of a Trump-like dictator which has a gold bathtub and "pouty slavic wife.

Updated Oct 22, 2016 - Donald Trump's new mantra "du jour" (following the 3rd and ultimate discussion) is always that he won't settle for the election benefits if Clinton wins given that, he suggests, They're topic to widespread "rigging."  This has brought about a latest firestorm of media and political outrage and worry that he's boosting the unholy specter of a lack of religion within our electoral system.  How dare he?

Just after a lot of reviews and thoughts for the thread, I included: "You can find other planes that have been "disappeared" prior to..."  and  "I do not claim to own responses greater than the next person, on the other hand I've sensations, thoughts, thoughts, no matter what you would like to get in touch with them. My immediate sense was that a thing covert was happening, not mere failure to concentrate or have exact knowledge. Also, my feeling was that those travellers didn't "perish" in the crash, Despite the fact that I'm anxious for his or her life. I've a "hunch" there was a landing on land.

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